LoveOfMyParents is a website that focuses on caregivers who take care of their own parents. Everyone knows that a caregiver needs to have a lot of patience. Hard work and dedication to the job to give the best love and affection to the elderly they are taking good care of. LoveOfMyParents will help you keep your focus and even inspire you to be better by providing you with helpful hints, self-care tips and even resources to get the job done.

Years ago, I met this darling old man who was lost and was trying his best to find his way back home. Considering his age, he really had a hard time doing so that is why I did my best to help him find his way back home. Meeting him inspired me to do my research about taking care of the elderly especially since I am also taking care of my mother.

Upon research, I found out that doctors usually write website articles when it comes to taking care of the elderly and not by people who are undergoing the same level of stress and worries that I was in. It was then that I decided to make this website simply because I want to help and inspire caregivers (professionally speaking or not) to have peace of mind when they do their job.

I was born, adopted and raised in Vancouver, BC , Canada to the most amazing parents ever. Unfortunately, my dad passed away years ago but I am living my life with my two lovely daughters along with my strong and independent mom and two brothers.

This website started out as a blog about my daily life with my mom but thought it would be more amazing to give inspiration to caregivers who also take care of the elderly.

Believe it or not, most caregivers consider their patients more as family than just old people who they have to take care of. That is why it did not come as a surprise that most caregivers really become attached to the elderly that they are taking care of.

I want this website to be your go-to place when you feel that you are at the point of losing touch with your inner self, when you do not know what to do at a certain point and if you want to know the right tips and tricks when it comes to taking care of the elderly.

I want you to know that you’re not alone when it comes to this line of work. There are a lot of people like you who are going through the same thing (professionally and unprofessionally speaking) so there is no need to worry when everything seems out-of-place, simply browse through my site and let me guide you back.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, do enjoy reading through the blog and let me know what you think.



This is a typical picture of my mom and dad ,fishing they loved it and so did the whole family .