Self Care  . . .  two words that hold so much power. Learning how , even accepting  that we are deserving of a little (or a lot!)  of SELFLOVE is difficult for some. Without it , words like “ANGRY”, “RESENTFUL” or “Bitter” will be used to describe our Personality.

If you have not ever practiced it before, follow the 4 tips with me and we will have you on selfcare_4_tips_successful_habityour way to a healthier and happier version of yourself   🙂

If you are new at the #selfcare game. I just want to make it clear it is a practice , the more your do it the better you become at it.

Very few people in this world can start-up something new and instantly be a pro at it.

So if you are in “SelfDOUBT” mode, because you just found out you need to a left and a right foot for that dance class you just signed up for, maybe if you knew I am  NOT  “coördinated” at all.  When I use to go to aerobics , I was “that” girl , going left while the class is going right.  With aerobics you cant even fake it  your skills are not up to Jane Fonda standards. The walls are the floor to ceiling mirrors!

Point being NEVER give up on something that bring you JOY , the people at the gym did not see clumsy Julie, they saw the girl who was having fun and most of the time laughing at herself that showed up every morning at 5:30 am 🙂

Follow the 4 steps at your own pace , you owe it to yourself , and you might even have a bit of fun!! or ALOT of fun . When you start feeling yourself pulling back for any reason , finding excuses NOT to go, Best sure for those symptoms is to get up and do it anyways the world needs clumsy Julie’s in the world 🙂


1.) Make a list, (yes I know I can hear the sighs thou the computer) but they are effective when it comes to reminding you ! On the list is ALL the items you need to move forward in your goal, dancing shoes, or a juicer if you are starting juicing.todo

2.)  Start small, if it is a dance class or even juicing. One class a week or juicing once a day, is a better way to start . From there you can work your way to 2-3 a week.  a quick tip before I move on to the next one, Juice can last for up to 3 days in the fridge, if you are like my friend , she freezes hers (a weeks worth) and takes what she needs the night before.jars

3.) Enroll a friend, you’ll have someone to hold your hand (talking from experience :P) and they are always good for a laugh even if it is at you once and while :). Great to have them along for the motivation, not only for you but to help them out too.  A fantastic time to make some lasting memories.learn with a friend

4.) Use Social Media to your advantage. Post your intentions with your NEW #self-care habit .  You might be able to enroll a few friends , who have thought about joining themselves but were a little nervous to join.  And last tidbit of info join a “accountability group” on Facebook. type it in to the search bar and you will be about to choose from hundreds. Sometimes having family or friends are too close to become your accountability partners and that is where groups are the better route to go.



Most of all when starting out anything new  HAVE FUN!!!!  If it is kayaking, walking , or you decided to take up knitting , have a great time.  If you decide you don’t like one hobby that ok too , but don’t stop at one . #SELFCARE is so important to your HEALTH as a caregiver.  Have fun, laughing , learning to stay active or stay quiet are all things needed to build your foundation to a better you 🙂

most of all have fun


Love. Care. Replenish. Repeat


  1. Maddie / 19 . 08 at 5:37 pm

    Fantastic post! I not only needed to read it but it is super helpful to anyone, really, whether self care is particularly lacking or not. Thank you for sharing!

    • Julie / 19 . 08 at 8:24 pm

      your right we are all in need of selfcare 😀

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